Achieving €1805 in Revenue for a Beauty Salon within Just 3 Months at a 10.02 ROAS

ROAS: 10.02
Revenue: 1805€
Budget spent: 180€

Our esteemed client, a home-based beauty salon specializing in personalized facials and handcrafted skincare plans and products, faced significant challenges in acquiring new clients and retaining them for future appointments, hindering the establishment of a loyal customer base. Situated in an average-sized city in the Netherlands, the salon also encountered limitations in terms of its customer base and target audience.

First let’s work on awareness

In our experience, for service-oriented businesses like this one, establishing strong brand awareness becomes paramount in marketing endeavors. While this concept applies to e-commerce stores as well, it holds particular significance in this case. Thus, we began by revamping the salon’s branding, creating a new logo, business cards, pricelist, Facebook cover, and Instagram highlights. 

Having completed the rebranding process, we shifted our focus to crafting engaging content. We devised a monthly content schedule in two languages, Polish and Dutch. Prior to our collaboration, the client’s posting schedule lacked consistency, and the content lacked a cohesive narrative, lacking emphasis on the owner’s personal insights and perspectives, aside from the services offered or other business-related aspects.

Ready for advertising!

After a month of regularly publishing thoughtful and polished content, we prepared to launch advertising campaigns. Our approach called for a brief waiting period of at least two weeks before the campaign’s initiation, ensuring that potential customers visiting the salon’s page would find sufficient content to engage with.

We faced a challenging obstacle: an exceedingly limited budget of only 50 Euros. Operating within such tight financial constraints demanded strategic planning, as every cent held significant value. To overcome this, we opted to start with engagement campaigns. 

Implementing engagement campaigns not only bolstered the salon’s page engagement but also served as a means to assess which posts and creations resonated best with our target audience. Analyzing the most successful content allowed us to identify the posts that were most likely to convert into tangible results.

Quantity or quality?

Through this analysis, we identified the best-performing content, gaining insights into which posts held the most conversion potential. Subsequently, we initiated a slightly more aggressive campaign. When it comes to campaigns aimed at promoting services, we typically choose between two goals: leads or link clicks. Given the budget constraints, we determined that optimizing for link clicks would be the more cost-effective option, as it enables us to reach a broader audience. 

The results were astounding! During the active campaign in January, which spanned two weeks, we successfully acquired four new clients, collectively generating €760 in revenue for the salon. Naturally, given the nature of link-click optimized campaigns, several messages received were random, accidental, or terminated after only a few exchanges. While it would have been ideal to nurture these leads through remarketing, the budget limitations made it challenging to pursue such strategies. 

The cold audience proved most effective at the campaign’s outset, as wider targeting aligned with the preferences of Meta’s algorithm. Consequently, we extended the ad campaigns for an additional two months (February and March), sustaining our success.


Measuring Results:

In light of GDPR regulations, Meta is prohibited from reporting Messenger insights, necessitating a manual assessment of results. To determine our achievements, we meticulously tallied all converted clients and their corresponding spending. 

It is essential to note that the revenue figures provided are based solely on profits recorded between January 1st and April 15th, taking into account only clients who scheduled appointments or contacted the salon during the January to March campaign period. 

While this method of summarizing results may not be perfect, and the figures are not 100% certain without direct access to the client’s financial records, the revenue cited herein reflects the profits generated from appointments made through Messenger during the designated campaign period.

ad account insights for the period of 1.01.2023-31.03.2023. includes only SALE CAMPAINGS.

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